A Lullaby to Lynn

Silk embroidery on an antique handkerchief

silk and cotton

40 x 43 cm 


Urban Collection

Hand weaving

wool and barbed wire

30 x 50cm 



Barbed wire fences are meant to divide and separate, coming from a country like Lebanon my eyes got used to see them as an integral part of the urban scene. 

In this textile work I deconstructed the wire, coloured it with gold and weaved it with the most delicate mohair wool. This technique is inspired by “Ikat”, however instead of dyeing a part of the wrap to form the design I inserted the golden part of the barbed wire in the welt. The result is chaotic as the urban planning in Beirut. 


Wet and needle felting

Gold and Cashmere Fibers





barbed wire, synthetic yarn and cotton 



Buon Riposo

45 x 200 cm

Antique hand embroidered pillow and thermic sheet, handwoven.



This work is inspired by the dramatic event that took place in September 2020. A ship with around 50 Lebanese migrants drifted in the Mediterranean waters for seven days without food, water or baggage. Out of 50 who left Tripoli (one of the poorest and most forgotten places in Lebanon), 14 died, including a child of 16 months. He was thirsty and his parents didn't have any water to give him except the salt water of the sea. He died and his mother gave his body to the sea telling him: "let your last rest be here".

The emergency blankets were hand-cut into stripes and then hand woven into an antique pillow to form the pattern of the waves. The hand embroidery dates from the beginning of the 19th century before all those tragic events in the sea, and it means "Rest well". 


Violent Lockdown

hand weaving 

Soap, women hair, cotton


Domestic Violence:

Hand weaving

Hair and cotton


Violence against women is known to be a widespread phenomenon. This work refers in particular to the dramatic rise in the number of cases during the lockdown. The mask partially woven with the hair of several women becomes a symbol of denunciation. The work was inspired by a news story from a couple of years ago in which a female victim's hair was found scattered throughout her house.

Silence in the memory of drowned refugees

Copper and coton

handweaving, hand dyed



On the 3rd of October 2013, a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa. Of more than 500 people on board, only 155 survived. Among those refugees, a woman lost her life, directly after giving birth to her child; the baby's body was found still attached to one of the mothers. I can't imagine a greater pain and fear than the one experienced by this woman. This work is made in her memory. The textile is a plain weave with weft in copper. Once oof the loom, it could be manipulated as a sculpture. The textile piece was then hand dyed with dark blue to imitate the color of the water at night. 


Commissioned Wall hanging

hand weaving, copper, cotton, cashmere, wool and silk 

95 x 220 cm 



Copper thread and cotton 

hand weaving


Le trou 

wool fibers and copper wire

hand weaving 


Losing my hair

Cotton and hair

hand weaving 


Urban scenes of Beirut

 wool and silk

wet felt and needle felt



Wet Felting on silk

Cashmere, merino, Silk 




Hand dyeing with Indigo

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